AdLand Suit is Dan Shute, a Board Account Director at Delaney Lund Knox Warren, a top ten London Advertising Agency. This is where I write about the life of a Suit - which can include pretty much anything. Delaney's didn't know I was doing this, but they do now. They still don't agree with everything I say though. They'd also probably rather I swore less.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Real Men Wear Suits

This is just a quick post to point you in the direction of the dry, understated, insightful, amusing and bearded world of Real Men Write Long Copy(I don't know if he actually has a beard, but I sincerely hope so.) The reasons for the post are threefold: first off, his blog is ace; secondly, he said some very nice things about me; and thirdly, with that last link, I hope to create a kind of Mobius blog post, whereby you good people spend the rest of eternity travelling between my blog and his. I shall be interested to know how it works out.

Real Men Write Long Copy - a good thing.


real men write long copy said...

Adland suit
This is too much. What have I done to deserve this? Other than, you know, recommend your blog and write loads of flattering things about it and make several hints that it might be nice if you returned the favour.
Still, jolly decent of you.