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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Quick Tuesday Tip

Keep a shoe polish kit in or around your desk. The shoe polish kit is your best friend, because if you turn up at my meetings with scuffed shoes, I will judge you, and you will be found wanting.

In all seriousness, the last minute meeting is in many ways the ultimate test for a Suit, and you need to be ready for anything. It's not quite the same, but quite recently one of my Account Managers turned up for a client meeting in jeans (leaving aside any debate as to whether or not Suits should always be suited, this was definitely inappropriate). Rather than sulk because he wasn't allowed to come to the meeting, he went out and bought a new suit, shirt and shoes. And was judged, and applauded, accordingly.


Andrea Nastase said...

Desk? Drawer? I say bag! (Bonus, we have to keep a spare pair of tights too)

AdLand Suit said...

And once again, women reign supreme.

(Although it goes without saying that carrying a bag is not something that should be exclusive to female Suits - hell, people, it's what we do.)

Andrea Nastase said...

With regards to your post about women suits, I think women might have some sort of superiority as far as a few aspects go - this is one of them.

I remember in my teenage days (tell no one I'm reaching my quarter life crisis) at about 12-13 we were already beyond the point of mum's shoes, clothes and makeup and we were already starting to be interested in boys. Boys at that age on the other hand, I'm sure they'll speak for themselves and let us know what they were doing; this is obviously all affectionate superiority and in no maens discrimination against them. But I know for a fact that my girl friends of 13-14 years of age were going out with much older boys, probably because those around our age hadn't matured.

At 14 you'd have grown up so fast, you knew all there was to be known about hair dye, make-up, someone had told you how a wardrobe works and in a very super sweet sixteen fashion, a walk-in wardrobe was all the rage. Still is I suppose.

So no wonder by the time you're 21-22ish and graduate you know everything there is to know about what you look good in, how to achieve this or that look and how to use your other, ahem, assets to help you. Men on the other hand are only beginning to really take things seriously then if you ask me (to take a look around at my uni friends) and that might be one of the things giving women an edge.

Tis' a long topic indeed, not suitable for a blog, let alone a comment ;)

Adam said...

Can't forget the ol' toothbrush and toothpaste to go alongside the shoe polish! Clean shoes, clean teeth, clean impression. ;)

AdLand Suit said...

Indeed, Adam. Although might I also suggest at this juncture that you brush your teeth every morning before you leave for work. And in the evening. Whether or not you have a Client meeting.