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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Fallon's First Gold Spot For Orange

Fallon have produced their long-awaited (within AdLand at least) Gold Spot for Orange. Having moved from the original pitch scenario (Swayze, Darth, etc.) to the set (Culkin) to the recording of the soundtrack (Snoop Dizzle), we're now at the premier of the film itself, whivh seems to have been made without Emilio Estevez (so THAT'S what he's been doing) having noticed what his film was about or even called until he reached the red carpet.  As is Fallon's wont, the conceit has been taken further than it's been taken before - as well as the spot itself, there's also a three and a half minute film of the Orange guys being interviewed by Mark Kermode (why do Agencies insist on producing 'viral' films that are over three minutes long?) and a trailer for the film itself.

As you'd expect from Fallon, it's all beautifully made... But you can't escape the feeling that the joke's just not that funny anymore. At least I can't. Can you?

PS It does at least mean that I get to tag this post with 'Emilio Estevez' though - here's hoping there's many more where that came from...


Anonymous said...

Fallon. Just not that funny. Shame.

golublog said...

I agree. I think they could have used a more current reference.