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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

So why am I here?

Now that I've proudly announced my existence to the blogosphere (or to at least three members of it), I think I need to to try and establish the point of it all - or at least of this blog. Give me some time on the bigger stuff.

I think there are a few routes I could choose to follow:

1. The 'Anything You Can Do, I Can Try and Copy' route.
This is where I attempt to take on the likes of Scamp and Ben, or at least join their ranks, by posting creative work as soon as I find it, sharing my considered view, and then inviting likeminded folk to come and comment on the work I've posted, and bond in our shared love of criticising Fallon Juniors. (Only I'd have to call them Fallon Junior Creative Teams, because I'm not in the gang.) While there will inevitably be a bit of that (and whilst I'll inevitably post some stuff that other people have already posted - hell, if Scamp can do it, I sure as hell can) I don't really think the world needs another blog about that.

2. The 'Does The World Really Need Another Blog At All?' route.
Where I attempt to answer the big questions about trends, research, qual and 'big thinking'. This would definitely be FUN, and there will certainly be a fair bit of this (hopefully without wrapping myself up in the kind of self-defining, solipsistic jargon that leaves some briefs crying out to be ignored), but I think there's more than enough of Richard and Faris to go round.

3. The 'Check Me Out, I'm Cultured' route.
This is where I act like a depository of everything that's remotely interesting that I've seen, watched, or overheard people talking about - I'd basically like a one-stop Stumbleupon. Which is basically what Stumbleupon is. And they do it better than I would.

4. The 'Digital Is Everything' route.
Where I opine regularly on the latest digital phenomenon, using it to remind everyone one more time that anything that isn't a banner is the past. Including banners. Unfortunately, that's a pile of shite. 'Digital' is a word, people - and it's not going to be scary for long, in the same way that TV wasn't scary for long. We work in advertising - any 'lines' were invented by accountants. (There's also a 'Digital Is Nothing' route, but we don't need to go there.)

Ultimately, my vision is for it to be all of the above - if my vision of the perfect account handler is anything like the truth (that's for another post) then the perfect account handler's blog should be the perfect blend of planners, creatives, TV producers, designers, clients and, just for the hell of it, the public's view on 'stuff'. So I'll talk about the frustrations that clients can bring, but from the point of view of someone who actually gets to know them as people, rather than someone who just hates their briefs and feedback; I'll talk about creative work, but from the point of view of someone who has to help craft the strategy that leads to it and then has to sell it rather than someone who views work as a ticket to Cannes (or otherwise); I'll talk about lunch, from the point-of-view of the person who has to pay for it/whose job number it ends up on, rather than... Well, you get my point.

This will be a blog about 'stuff' from the point of view of the people that carry the bags that carry the stuff. And, you know, things I like.


golublog said...

I like the description. If I had to describe my blog I would just call it en route. But it seems like you at least know where you're going.

AdLand Suit said...

I like 'en route' as a description. It's pretty much all of us can aspire to. I'm just hoping to travel with the window down.

Jam said...

You forgot #5: agency gossip aggregator. This whole Suit Advocacy thing is good, though. I think we need it.

My view of the purpose question is probably very naive... but I believe that if you keep on with it, it will either die on its arse or gradually morph into what it's meant to be, and what you feel most comfortable writing about.

For the record, I also believe that both of those outcomes are worthy.