AdLand Suit is Dan Shute, a Board Account Director at Delaney Lund Knox Warren, a top ten London Advertising Agency. This is where I write about the life of a Suit - which can include pretty much anything. Delaney's didn't know I was doing this, but they do now. They still don't agree with everything I say though. They'd also probably rather I swore less.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Brief Holiday

Apologies for the forthcoming silence, but I am away on holiday until Wednesday, enjoying the finest 'stuff' that South France has to offer. I'm not even sure whether there are enough people holding out for a new post to warrant this out-of-office, but better safe than sorry. There will be many more posts to come on my return - in the meantime, I'd love to hear about Lunches you have had, would love to have had or dream of having in the comments of this or the Lunch post. Have a lovely time, chaps - see you in a few days.


Andrea Nastase said...

Have a nice trip and enjoy the presumably mild weather and fine cheeses! Report back to us! :)

AdLand Suit said...

And I'm back - thank you, Andrea, for the kind comments. Hope you enjoy the new post. (PS The weather was indeed mild, and the cheese most fine.)