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Thursday, 8 October 2009


Unashamedly, and completely. I heart them, crazy upper-case/lower-case wackiness and all - so much so that I'll even go to the trouble of typing their name how they'd want it to be typed.

I love that they're about as old-fashioned, book-club-esque a business as its possible to be, and yet are thriving in this modern/digital/2.0 nonsense world.

I love that they love films. I don't know why I believe them when they tell me that they love films, but I do.

I love that they showed Blockbuster up for the soulless, tedious megalith that they were.

I love that I can keep the DVDs for as long as I like. Again, screw you Blockbuster.

I love their reviews.

I love that when they recommend films, they actually tend to be good films.

I love that they say films, not movies.

I love their logo. It's utter rubbish, obviously, but I love it nonetheless.

But most of all, I love that after sending them an email late last night letting them know that the films they'd sent me a fortnight ago STILL hadn't arrived (because, lest we forget, the Royal Mail are BASTARDS), I received a personal reply this morning, written by a real person (with a name and EVERYTHING), apologising for something that is in no way their fault, and offering to compensate me. CRM at its finest, and I've gone from being a frustrated customer to one who writes gushing posts about them and their overflowing wonderfulness on the interweb.

You are good people, LOVEFiLM. I salute you.


Toby Cummins said...

And you can put together lists for friends, which is awesome if you're a FiLM snob.

Copybot said...

And as a pedantic Copywriter, it makes me immensely happy that anything you type into their film search bar is automatically capitalised correctly. Bless them for that.

AdLand Suit said...

There's a lot of love for LOVEFiLM. And I like that. I also, as you well know, am a huge fan of syntactic pedantry. Copybot, a special salute for you.