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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

This Week, I Have Been Listening To A Lot Of...

When I'm not busy being a fulltime Suit, those that know me well would tell you that I care far too much about music (the Glastonbury post may have given you a clue). And I thought I'd share that obsession with you good people. As such, this is the first of what will be a fairly regular series of posts on ALS along the lines of 'What's on my iPod at the moment'. So here we go.

First off, as it's Ashes season (did I mention that?), I've been listening to the simply delightful Duckworth Lewis Method - Jiggery Pokery and the track below are two personal favourites.

The Duckworth Lewis Method

And then, in somewhat of a departure from my usual tastes, I've been rather enjoying the jazz stylings of Mr Joe Stilgoe . I'll be the first to admit that artists that describe themselves as jazz/swing on MySpace don't normally get that far with me, but (full disclosure alert) Joe is a friend of a friend, and because I'm a nice chap, I bought his album, and listened to it, and really liked it. He's a bit like Jamie Cullum, only with a slightly better voice, and is slightly less of a visually-confusing jazz dwarf. Weird.



Nat Simkins said...

As a fan of Neil Hannon's work with The Divine Comedy, I decided to give The Duckworth Lewis Method album a full, unbiased listen.

Although I found some tracks intruiging, as a non cricket fan, it just didn't click. I'm sure if you have a fondness for the game (as you obviously do!) it must be fantastic, but from a purely musical point of view, I'd have to say I found it disappointing.

Anonymous said...

An interesting choice, I personally enjoyed the jazz more than Duckworth.

However, I feel your choices do suggest you are:
a) a middle aged man
or b) have a VERY wide range of music tastes and you have simply released unrepresentative a snippet of your collection.
So I would be interested if your catalogue of music contained any 'contemporary' selections.
This revelation may lower the average age that you have selected, based on your last post.....of 43.

AdLand Suit said...

Nat, I think I'd probably agree with you. If you don't know who Mr Miandad is, then the track is little more than a pop whimsy - and I think the same probably goes for the album. Certainly, if you don't care about cricket then it's a very disjointed piece of work - it's not really tied together musically. I was a big Divine Comedy fan though, and remain a big cricket fan, so it works for me.

And a big hello to my anonymous friend! I'm glad you enjoyed the jazz - I shall let Joe know. And it's fair to say that the two glimpses I've shared here are not entirely representative of my tastes (particularly the Stilgoe track - as a general rule, I regard jazz as a particularly anti-social form of masturbation). I could dedicate a post to my musical biography, but it would be a very long post, and nobody would bother reading it. Hopefully, as more snippets emerge, the picture will become clearer. A bit like the final puzzle on Catchphrase.