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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Come on now, DHM. You've had enough.

Another Thursday, another beautifully crafted (by the fabulous Dave Dye) press ad in Campaign for Dye Holloway Murray, an Agency staffed by lovely people that's been making some very lovely work for a while now, but not really getting anywhere. They're now trying to make a bit more noise, in this instance by proudly proclaiming how quickly they can make those all-too-tricky 'can we pitch' decisions - previously they've sold themselves on geography. I'm sure the 'We're smaller than AMV' execution is in studio as we speak.

Making a bit of noise is a laudable and sensible intention, and an absolute necessity in 21st Century Adland, but I'm far from convinced that this is the way to be doing it - I'm sure I'm not the only one getting a vague whiff of desperation. DHM are in danger of turning into the drunk bridesmaid at the wedding, and while there's never a shortage of people willing to take her home, not many of them will hang around for breakfast.


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I trust you'll be invoicing DHM for that piece of genius, Janet. It's vital that you don't neglect to monetise the comments sections of blogs.